Without you -

Sweet and sour would just taste bitter,

Every street be filled with litter.

I’d exercise but not get fitter,

Need laughing gas to raise a titter -

Without you.

Withoutyou -

Granny Smiths would be less juicy,

There’d be no gander for the goosey,

It wouldn’t be “nice to see you”, Brucey!

There’d be no diamonds in the sky with Lucy -

Without you.

Without you -

Seedless grapes would be all pippy,

Kids today would be twice as lippy,

Playground slides would not be slippy,

Summer days would all turn nippy,

Without you there would never have been a hippy,

Or a bush kangaroo by the name of Skippy,

No Geoffrey, Bungle, George or Zippy!

They’d run out of chips down the local chippy,

There’d be only one S in Mississippi,

I would go crazy, barmy, dippy -

Without you.

Without you,

I’m sure I’d lose the will to live

And my poems wouldn’t scan or rhyme or anything

And I’d forget what it was I wanted to say

And probably just trail off at the end ….

Without you

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