Witchy sisters

Two sisters live on the edge of the village

In the cottage beyond the ditch

And rumours abound as rumours will

That one of them’s a witch.

“Edna rides a broomstick -

It’s far from being a nice ‘un -

Though Hazel is more up-to-date

And much prefers a Dyson.”

“Edna’s cat with curdled eyes

Helps keep her broom aloft

But Hazel has a kitten

Which is fluffy, cute and soft.”

“Edna’s hat, bedraggled with webs,

Is threatening pointy black

But Hazel’s hat is pleasantly flowered

With a ribbon at the back.”

“Edna stirs a cauldron,

A manky pot and murky:

Hazel serves up cordon bleu

Of beef and lamb and turkey.”

One sister is a sweetie -

The other one’s a bitch.

We know which one to follow

And which one we should ditch.

But are we really certain?

And can we trust our eyes?

For if we make enquiry

Then might we be surprised?

For on Saturday nights when the coven meets

To plot and cackle sickly,

It’s Hazel hatches evil plans

While Edna’s watching “Strictly”.

Don’t be deceived by rumours

Put about by some snitch:

Investigate to find the truth

Before you go burning the witch.

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