Megan’s vegetarian,
I call her “Veggie Meg”,
But Megan’s best friend, Peggy
Will eat anything, will Peg.
While Megan nibbles at a grape
And soon devours the bunch,
Peg tucks away a burger
And a sausage-roll for lunch.
She’s very meek is Megan;
She’s very bold is Peg:
Meg nibbles at a carrot-stick;
Peg chomps upon a leg
Of lamb or beef or venison:
Peg eats the choicest cuts
While Meg prefers a lettuce leaf
Or nibbles at some nuts.
So if I’m forced to make a choice
To make sure I’m replete,
I’ll let Megan cook me vegetables -
Then meet with Peg for meat.

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