(To the tune of “Nellie the Elephant”)

In the States,
When the election came,
They chose a belligerent narcissist
And Donald was his name.

One catch-phrase:
“Make America great again!”
How’s he gonna manage that
With only half a brain?

Donald the idiot has the power
To change the world with a penstroke.
See him swagger and see him strut
Trump, Trump, Trump!

Bugger the climate and greenhouse gas -
There’s no such thing ‘cos he says so
Keep on pumping and burning oil
Pump, pump, pump!

Thinks – the - press
Should shower him with praise:
Berates them when they disagree
With anything he says.

Night - by - night
He twitters revengeful tweets;
Like a spoilt two-year-old,
He pouts, he sulks, he bleats.

Marching protesters with banners and such
(Although he tries to ignore them)
Tell what people really think
Of Trump, Trump, Trump

Hundreds of millions round the world
Despair of this addled dictator
Wielding his pen with his tiny hands
What a chump, chump, chump!

Why is it no one loves him?
He says that he’s the best
At everything he’s ever done -
But no one is impressed.

Donald the bullying autocrat
Makes decrees by the truckload
And all his toadying sycophants
All jump, jump, jump.

Pity Melania (trophy wife)
Parades around to appease him.
You’ve made your bed now lie in it
With Trump, Trump, Trump.

Surely the Donald should pack his bags
And say goodbye to the White House
You’ve had your day now hear what they say
“Dump - the – Trump”

Nellie the Elephant had the sense
To trundle back to the jungle
If only she had trundled away with
Trump, Trump, Trump.
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