thoughts of an ordinary bloke

When bullfrogs die do they finally croak?
Does an arsonist’s dream go up in smoke?
When your car won’t start does it make you choke?
Have you ever poked a pig in a poke?
When you go to a wake, is anyone awoke?
If an acorn’s OK is it oakey-doke?
Are the Spinners and Furies just ordinary folk?
Does a stroke help at all when you’re having a stroke?
Does a drug addict drink a Coke with his coke?
Would an artist choke on an artichoke?
What’s a cloakroom for if you don’t wear a cloak?
Who was it said that a bicycle spoke?
Is a drunk in a bath an old soak in soak?
How broke must you be if your piggy-bank’s broke?
What is it you’ve took when you’ve taken a toke?
Are they building up fires in Stoke?
If your job’s a comedian – is that just a joke?
Are these just the thoughts of an ordinary bloke?
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