swinging on our gate

There are lots of things I like a lot,

There are two or three things I hate,

But one of the things I like the most

Is swinging on our gate.

Sweets and tarts and chocolate

And chips upon a plate;

Not one of these is quite as neat

As swinging on our gate.

Two tiny tots live down our street;

They both think that I'm great,

Because I keep those two amused

While swinging on our gate.

Sometimes my mother thinks I'm lost -

She does get in a state;

She ought to know that I will be

Swinging on our gate.

In the warmth of Summer evenings

I like to stay up late,

Not watching telly or playing games -

Just swinging on our gate.

When there's no-one else to talk to

And you really need a mate,

I'm happy talking to myself

While swinging on our gate.

So, if I've got a problem,

I don't get in a state;

I think it through in peace and calm

While swinging on our gate.

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