As strong as an ox; as blind as a bat;
As bold as brass, we all know.
As cold as ice or as warm as toast.
Ah, but who says that it’s so?
Over the years, as writers have written,
The chances have been sadly missed -
So I’ve come up with a few new ideas
To add to your simile list.

As boring as beige; as pointless as rage;
As cruel as putting a bird in a cage.

As precious as sight; as lonely as night;
As long as the wait for a fish to bite.

As false as a shout; as honest as doubt;
As scary as stairs when the lights are out.

As fragile as proof; as certain as youth;
As rare as an MP telling the truth.

As warm as a bed on a working Monday;
As quick as a vicar’s wink on Sunday.

As busy as a beetle rolling dung;
As sharp as the words on a witch’s tongue.

As wise as a tea-cloth; as tempting as cakes;
As slow as a download; as long as it takes.

Inventing new similes? No need to feel queasy.
It’s as easy as … something that’s … ever so easy.
I’m as smart as a dolphin so I’ll not be vexed -
I’m going to start working on metaphors next!

As simple as a simile

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