Sex, death and chocolate

Modestly, we meet
Primly pecking cheek to cheek
Decorously greeted
Sedately, we are seated

Knowingly we choose
From matching, padded menus
Furrowed brow, thoughtful face
“Such a charming eating place”

Religiously, we break bread rolls
Share our thoughts but guard our souls
Pick at olives, sip at bisque
Coyly, shyly, take no risk

Demurely, we dine
Passing comments on the wine
Cautiously, we air our views
On this and that and local news

Delightedly, the meal we praise
Sirloin steak and sauce Béarnaise
We talk of cooking meals for one
We both agree it’s little fun

We ponder the desserts and catch each other’s eyes
Profiteroles or drizzle cake or Summer fruit surprise?
Or maybe this or maybe that?
“Oh no, I would get far too fat!”

Teasingly, I tap your nose
Suggest we order two of those.
Tension mounts as we await
Arrival of our pudding plate

Cocoa-dusted, rich, dark, ice-cream; mousse and fudge and sauce
Covering a brownie mound - and choccy cake of course
Indulgently, we cast ourselves into “Chocolate death”
Succulently savouring, catching at our breath

Sated with the chocolate yet randy with desire

Heavily, we breathe our lust, the flame is burning higher
You tease with chocolate buttons ‘til I can stand no more
Flowers, candles, knives and spoons all clatter to the floor

We rollick on the table, ripping off our clothes
The blonde who sits across the way says, “I’ll have one of those!”
A matron tuts, her partner tries in vain to hide a laugh
Around our tangled limbs the waiter deftly weaves a path

We revel in the richness of our chocolate-induced passion
Rampant in obsession (we know it’s not the fashion)
‘Til finally, our fervour spent, we lay there, heavy-breathing
A fork pricks at my buttocks and I think we should be leaving

We gather up our things and dress
Survey the sorry, fudge-y mess
With eyes cast down, you bite your lip
I pay the bill with generous tip

You catch my eye and glance away
I’m not sure what I’m meant to say
And then I see the twinkle that seals our choco-fate
And we book another table for tomorrow night at eight.

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