(There’s no such thing as a free lunch)

Second-hand sandwiches,

Left over from the buffet.

“You can take them home,”

Said the boss, a generous soul.

But all we got was curly bread

And pickle-soggy spam ones,

Whereas he took home the Scotch eggs

And a dozen sausage rolls.

Second-hand sandwiches,

Inherited from three-year-old.

“You can have them now,”

He said, “’cos I’m full up inside.”

The cheese he’d liked, the ham he’d liked

And the peanut butter,

So I was left with just plain bread

And nothing more beside.

Second-hand sandwiches,

Taking turns to nibble.

“You’ve forgotten lunch,” she said

“So you can share with me.”

To thank her for her kindness

I took her out for dinner -

That’s how I met my other half

… And I got my lunch for free!

second-hand sandwiches

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