When it pitter-patters
then it really doesn’t matter
‘cos the Internet won’t shatter with the news.
But when the stuff is pouring
That’s when the weather’s boring
‘cos all and sundry want to share their views.

Hear the groans and gripes and grizzles,
“I don’t like it when it drizzles” –
Some old, frail and feeble geezer I’d excuse -
but who is it who’s moaning?
the source of all this droning?
It’s a bloke built like a barn-door with tattoos!

“It was worse than this on Sunday –
Even worser still on Monday.
Today I’m wearing boots and not my shoes.
It’s too wet for wearing trainers,”
gripes the King of the Complainers.
If he keeps on going on I’ll blow a fuse.

Does he not know it’s the showers
grows the fruit and veg and flowers
and makes this such a green and pleasant land.
He’d have reason to complain
if there wasn’t any rain
and we had to scratch a living from the sand.

Around the world there’s 1 in 9
without a source of water close to home.
And 1 in 3, when they want to pee,
don’t even have a toilet of their own.

So next time you complain
about a little spot of rain,
Be mindful that you really shouldn’t oughta.
Even when it starts to pour,
please don’t be a weather bore -
Just be thankful for a fresh supply of water.

Rain, rain ...

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