poetry or prose

There’s a very fine distinction

Between poetry and prose:

It’s such a fine dividing line

And no-one really knows.

You once could tell the difference

‘Cos poetry would rhyme

But poets just don’t bother now;

They haven’t got the time.

They can’t be arsed with lexicons,

Thesauruses and such,

With rhyming schemes and metre;

They don’t bother much with much.

But me, I’m more traditional,

I like a bit of rhyming.

I like the metricality

Of complicated timing.

I like the words to trip along

With a bit of bounce and bubble.

I think poets should be bothered

And they ought to take the trouble,

For that’s the sort of poetry

For which a reader hankers -

And if poets can’t be bothered

Then they’re just a load of … prose-writers

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