I walk through town
And I’ve got my plastic bag
Though I don’t intend to shop
But, you know, just in case.

And the bookshop’s closing down again
And I go as far as Market Place
‘Cos that will help me meet
My daily target on my fit-bit.

And I'll dally on a bench

In the Coronation Garden

And throw seeds for the robins -

And I'm sure I've seen a wren.

And if I’m so inclined, I’ll wander round in Oxfam
Or Age Concern or Cancer shop
‘Cos they’ve got the cheapest picture frames
And I’m working on a project.

And I might stop a while and have a chat with Alan;
Or perhaps bump into Brian if he’s walking with his dogs;
Or maybe I’ll see Carol and we might go for coffee;
Or maybe chat with Katie in the café about crosswords.

And I love this little town
And I love its generous people
And it’s really them I go for
Rather than the shopping.

And though I've got my plastic bag

Cos, you know, just in case -

You don’t need a plastic bag

To carry home their friendship.

ANything but plastic

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