Our tree

I went to touch our tree again

As I do most Sundays

It reminded me of joyful times

Of hectic love-filled fundays

The crazy times

The lazy times

The times we spent together

Do you remember that time we sheltered

With the sudden change in the weather?

I wanted to carve your initials

But your nail file was all we could find

It broke as I scratched the very first letter

You said you didn’t mind

But still you chased me anyway

We drenched in the pouring flood

I tripped and fell

I cursed like hell

And trudged back covered in mud

And you laughed!

You laughed!

You mocking witch!

You silly cow!

You crazy bitch!

But not a day goes by

Not a single day

When I don’t crave your laughter,

I miss you so much

Long for your touch

For “happy ever after”.

So I visit our tree

Stroke its gnarly bark

Imagine I hear you speak

You tell me the nights needn’t be so dark

Days need not be bleak

My tearful eyes

Don’t need to see

Your initials scratched on its bole

For every letter of your name

Is carved upon my soul

And listening to your comfort

Though I don’t yet believe what you say

I don the shroud of chirpiness

To face another day

And I’ll touch our tree

Next Sunday

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