Norah’s nearly 90
And still she likes to flirt
And I like to flirt with Norah
‘Cause no-one’s gonna get hurt
‘Cause neither of us is thinking
Of dashing off to bed
Unless she needs a little nap
Or 40 winks instead

There is no need to be alarmed
I’m not sinister or shady
I just help Norah to recall
She’s still a sexy lady
Although the years have bent her frame
And her skin may now be wrinkly
Her mind is still as lively
Her eyes are still as twinkly

And in our quiet moments
She recalls her many lovers
“There was Bill and Jim and Bob and Tim
And half a dozen others.”
And now she has her gentleman -
“He likes to bring me flowers” -
They sit and chat of this and that
And while away the hours

He likes to make her giggle
He relishes her laughter
His eyes and hers are moist with tears
And happy ever after

And in her head she’s 24
And swirling at a dance
She’d glide around a ballroom floor
Given half a chance
But falling from her Zimmer frame
She knows she could get hurt
But Norah’s still a woman
And still she likes to flirt


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