My tiny fingers grasp and strain to suck your thumb

Let me to explore the world

With lips that cannot speak

And know no words beside

To tell puzzle and confusion

Of where I am and why

My passing to this place

Though telling by my angel

Not to be easy

Did cause me much distress

I am not done

Not ready

All did squeeze and pushing me

All did squeeze

All did squeeze

And then with noise and push and rush and hurry panic quickly much

   and very very speed and all did happen very quick …

And I am here




I squinty up the shiny bright

They frighting me

The beeps and light

I want to be unborn again

I want to be all warm

I want to be all cosy

I want to be all cuddle

But my new angel

Stroking me

Whisper me

Tell me things I do not know

In words I do not understand

But warm and gentle

Soft and caring

Make me comfort

Make me hoping

And all the beeps and bumps

And lights and smells

Be helping me

I try my hardest

Very best

To live

Be helping me

My very best to live

Be helping me

My very best to live

Be helping me

Be helping me

Be helping me

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