name that job

If you’re undecided about a career; can’t settle your vocation

Why not let your given name decide your occupation?

MIKE could be a singer or a compere in a club

SUE could be a litigation lawyer

MICK could be a barman, mick-sing cocktails in a pub

GRETA greets the guests out in the foyer

CATH could run a café - DINAH run a diner

DOUG could be a farmer or a gardener or a miner

BILL is an accountant - PENNY’s in the bank

While over in the Post Office, there is a job for FRANK

JACK could take up car repairs, that goes without saying

NEIL could be a vicar - though he’d have to take up praying

ANDREW is a handyman (but only if he’s ANDY)

ALEX could work on the beach if she’s ready to be SANDY

CLIFF could be a coastguard checking out our shores

ALAN is a keysmith helping people open doors

JUNIOR is aptly named to be a paediatrician

PHIL could be a dentist - and SEYMOUR an optician

PETE’s a horticulturalist - DAN could teach karate

ARTHUR could start teaching art (but only if he’s “ARTY”)

Over in the library there is a job for PAIGE

JIM’s a gym instructor (although Zumba’s all the rage)

BARBARA could be a barber, clipping curly locks

STEVE could be a stevedore helping DEREK at the docks


Are there really enough florist’s jobs to give to all of those?

What do you mean, “It’s a rubbish idea!”? Isay, “Bring it on!”

Though I may have to go to the USA for a job for a guy called JOHN.
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