mucky kid

The green so lightly frosted

With sugar-crackle snow

Tempts young boys to kick a ball

“Be careful of the road!”

Wet day and a chilly one

Tog him up in all the gear

Top to toe – the salopettes

Padded new blue playsuit

Gift from Aunty Switzerland

Where “all the kiddies wear them”.

Tucked and zippered

Cosy warm

Despatched to play

“Have fun!”

Puffed and plumped little Michelin man

Discovered the only, lonely puddle

Thickening to a hippo-wallow

Tripped in it

Laid in it

Relished it

Played in it

Big brother kicked and shot and scored

Argued fouls and claimed handball.

Oblivious to it all,

Little fellow romped and roiled

Stirred the sludgy, muddy brew

Stubborn blue flecks still remaining.

Returning for a biscuit,

Mittens all a-dangle,

Fingers tainting blue,

Earnest little four-year-old

Planted on the kitchen step

Sniffed and queried, “Please.”

Querying smile deflects the questions;

“Whatever were you doing?”

“How on earth …?”

“Look at the state of you!”

With look of studied concentration

And shrug of resignation

Disarming innocence proclaimed,

“You told me to have fun

So I did it ‘cos you told me.”

Smattering of laughter hid in vain behind my mask

Then struggled and escaped

“Oh Mark … you are a mucky kid.”

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