For the benefit of Mr Kite

There will be a show tonight -
The best you’ve seen!
But Mr H looks woebegone;
He’s noticed that the springs have gone
On the trampoline.
But we’ve still got ponies, feathers and fans
And a dwarf who joined from Pablo Fanques’ Fair

And you’ll marvel as he hurtles through the air …

We’re not allowed to use real fire
(The Health and Safety people will
Kick up a stink.)
But we’ve got artificial flames;
The effect is pretty much the same,
Don’t you think?
And we extend our sympathy to Hilda H
And hope she gets well soon.
You can hardly tell that she’s been burned at all ...

Mr H must be pragmatic;
He won’t be very acrobatic.
What a shame!
He agrees that he’s at fault
He shouldn’t have tried to somersault
With a Zimmer frame!
But he’ll be the main attraction
When he’s out of traction
In a month or two.
In the meantime he’ll be playing the didgeridoo ...

The celebrated Mr.Kite

Performs his feat on Friday night,
As he rehearsed.

The Hendersons will sing and dance

And Mr H will take the chance
To read some verse.
Messrs K and H assure you that the show
Is just as good as it was before -
So stay in your seats and don’t walk out the door ...

The band begins at six tonight
If the roadies get it right.
(Don’t hold your breath.)
Young Wayne tries hard so please don’t scoff;
He’s not the same since he fell off
The Wall of Death.
But Mr K will do his best
And so, I’m sure, will all the rest
Of the crew -
Though Henry the Horse has sadly gone for glue…


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