“There is a mix miraculous,
Extraordinary potion,
That will permit a maid like you
To leave behind the ocean;
To cast off fin and fishy tail,
Use legs as earth-folk do
To walk and jump and strut and prance
Beyond these boundaries blue.”

“Astonishing ingredients comprise this magic spell:
Tail of hippopotamus,
Horn of fleet gazelle,
A feather from a dragon,
A griffin’s fleshy tongue,
The bloody beak of pelican, having newly birthed its young,
Bony crest of basilisk,
A unicorn’s first tooth,
Tentacle of kraken,
An ounce of centaur hoof.
The hair of cryptid sasquatch (a creature hard to trace;
A wild and hirsute hominid devoid of any grace).
The mane of Scottish kelpie,
The dewlap of a lizard,
A nostril from a minotaur
And an alligator gizzard.”

“I desiccated, crushed and stewed,
Minced and chopped, refined and brewed,
Carefully measured, mixed, fermented,
Obsessively, like one demented,
Until, at last, I had distilled
A potion that would help rebuild
Your shattered hopes,
Your broken dreams …
But heed! It is not all it seems!”

“For though you’ll amble, stroll and dance, I beg you now – thinkthrice!
This new found skill, for good or ill, will come at such a price!
For no refinement I could make could solve this potion’s bane -
Your lilting call that did enthral will never sound again!
So do not be so eager to make this lifelong choice;
Consider first the side effect - You must forsake your voice!”

At this the mermaid gasped aloud – “No more to make a sound?!”
But in return … how much she yearned to stand on solid ground,
To have the chance to win her prince. Such was her devotion,
She’d not refuse to pay her dues - She would imbibe the potion.

This is part 7 of "Mellifluous the Mermaid" - a 3500-word re-imagining of the story of "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen.  The Sea Enchantress describes the contents of the potion that will enable Mellifluous to become land-based in pursuit of her prince - but also warns of the side-effects. 

To find out "what happens next" (or to catch up on "the story so far") you can find details of "Mellifluous the Mermaid" on this website. Just click on the BOOKS tab. 

Miraculous mixture

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