I see Tigers have gone down again

I knew it wouldn’t last

The days we had a decent team are well back in the past

We’re never good at anything

We delight in being shitty

We’ve got a reputation as the pound shop city

We’ve got the Bridge

We’ve got the Deep

We’ve got a trail of fish

We’ve got the KC stadium

So what more could we wish?

They wanna open decent shops

They wanna mend the roads

Not clutter up the pavements

With a load o’ giant toads

And who’s this Larkin fella

And what’s that all about

The only Larkin I know is when you’re larkin’ out

And you can’t let kids do that no more

The place is full of hoodies!

They’ll nick yer phone

They’ll nick yer fags

They’ll nick yer kiddies’ goodies!

But they’ll never nick me money

Cos I’ve never got no cash

They should put the buggers all in jail

They’re all a load o’ trash

They’ve got no education

And they couldn’t give a toss

They’ve got no aspirations

Can you wonder that I’m cross?!

We’re good at getting pregnant

We’re good at claiming dole

We’re good at claiming handouts

But we’ve sold our bloody soul

Where’s the sense of pride we had

When we went to sea in ships?

When we helped to feed a nation with their favourite fish and chips

But we’ve found a way to make our name

In the eyes of all the nation

To stake a claim for something that will

Make our reputation.

Whenever experts make a list

We’re rarely ever first

But here’s a thing we’re proud about

We’re best at being worst!

larkin out

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