Colin Parkin (what I don’t like at all)

Says his dad says my dad

Is a big “know-it-all”

And I just think “That’s fair enough”


Why would you want to NOT know stuff

And I’d rather be clever than a higgerent fool

And that’s the reason you go to school.

And my Dad’s better than his dad – by a lot!

‘Cos my Dad’s a foreman - and his dad’s just … not.

And we’ve got a van

And we put cushions in the back

And we go down to Southend

And me Dad’s got a knack

For finding his way and he don’t need a map

He’s a geographical “know-it-all” chap.

And we once broke down and we grinded to a halt

But me Dad wasn’t bothered ‘cos he soon fixed the fault

‘Cos he fiddled with the engine and wiggled with the choke

He’s a mechanical genius “know-it-all” bloke

So MY Dad’s better than your dad!

That makes me better than you

And my Dad might be a “know-it-all”

Butt here’s nothing he can’t do.

He mends our telly

Clears drains what are smelly

And he built our garden shed

He learns me times tables

And Aesop’s fables

And it’s all inside his head

And he mended my Mum’s ornament

(and it wasn’t me what broke it)

So there, then, Colin Parkin

“Put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

(That’s what me Dad says.)

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