it begins with J

I saw you standing by the bar

And thought I’d half a chance.

Asked if you’d let me buy a drink

Or maybe we could dance?

You said your name began with J

But said I’d have to guess.

Is it Jane or Jean or Joan or June?

Could it possibly be Jess?

Judy? Jodie? Joni? Jade?

Jessica? Jan? Justine?

Julie? Jasmine? Jaime? Joyce?

Jennifer? Jill? Joleen?

Jacqueline? Jezebel? Julianne? Joy?

Through the names I sped

But each and every guess I took

Just made you shake your head.

Jeannie? Jordan? Juliet? Jacky?

Josephine? Jewel? Jenny?

Josie? Joanne? Judith? Janice?

I never knew there were so many.

Aha, I thought, this is a trick

“Juanita!” then I cried.

Again you shook your pretty curls.

I just curled up and died.

I would never have guessed at … Jonathan

Now the cat is out of the bag!

You’re not a bleeding woman at all -

You’re a bloke done up in drag!

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