John Fewings is a literary scamp.  He'll begin in an everyday humdrum place - a restaurant, a nursery rhyme, a front room - and by the end of the poem he'll have the place glowing with energy like a Beryl Cook painting.  His protagonists are fearless - they'll tackle anything John throws at them with gusto, then bow out with a cheerful and totally unexpected killer rhyme that leaves you smirking.
I have been writing and performing poetry for about 10 years and aim to write poetry that will appeal to people who think they don't like poetry.  Most of my poems are written with performance in mind - a slightly different genre from poetry-on-the-page.  Whereas the latter allows the reader to re-read, to examine, query and consider; the former needs to make an immediate impact on an audience.  It also allows me to indulge in a penchant for accents and characterisation. (I'm just a frustrated actor at heart.)  I have published three collections of poetry (although the first is currently out of print) and two novels (click on the Books tab for details).  Details of my latest venture into print - an epic poem entitled Mellifluous the Mermaid - can also be found on that page.
You can find a selection of my poetry on the Poetry Wall.  Why not click at random and see what you get?  Details of forthcoming events at which I will be reading can be found on the Diary Dates page - and my contact details are on the Contact tab if you would like to book me for a performance (complete with accents and character voices at no extra charge).   
We have come to expect shocks and surprises from the mercurial pen of John Fewings and he doesn't disappoint.                                                                                 Pam Scobie
Sue Lozynskyj 
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