Got it on my list

With a list you’ve no need to panic

It tells you just what you must do

It will keep your head above water

Remind you what’s what and who’s who

A list of the people you know you must call

A list of all those who call you

Their telephone numbers and email address

And their facebook identity too

A list of the things we gave people for Christmas

The things we were bought in return

I’m fed up with recipe books every year

You’d think that by now they would learn

And when it comes round to next Christmas

(Next year I’m not making a fuss)

The amount that we spend on their presents

Will depend on what they spent on us

I’ve a list of the shopping I need to get in

And where is the best place to buy it

And which of the brands are the less fattening ones

I’ll confess it – I’m trying to diet

I list all the things that I’ve eaten each day

The ingredients and the amount

The Weightwatchers points (what a puzzle that is!)

And the total calorie count

I list how far I’ve done on the treadmill

And how far I do in cross training

And how far I run on a Sunday as well

Though I don’t go out if it’s raining

I’ve a list that’s supposed to show weight loss

And you know I’m not one for complaining

But there’s definitely something not right with our scales

They say I’m not losing but gaining!

I list all the petrol I’ve put in the car

And the miles that showed on the meter

Where it was bought and the date and the cost

From which I work out miles per litre

Then there’s holiday places we’ve been to

And the places I’d still like to visit

There’s enough on my list for the next 20 years

Surely that’s not too much to ask, is it?

There’s the books I’ve read since aged thirteen

Each film I see and who’s in it

The shows that I’ve seen at the theatre as well

That’s a short list – I think I might bin it

I’ve been keeping a record of how much I drink

Though there’s some days I know that I’ve missed

It’s difficult keeping an accurate record

I’m usually too Brahms and Liszt

Then there’s things I like watching on telly

I’ve no need to fear that I’ve missed it

I apply my philosophy all through my life

Everything’s fine if you list it

I do like my life to be ordered

On doing things right I insist

If it’s not written down I just feel I could drown

Without lists I don’t think I’d exist

But with list in hand I’ll be OK

Though I’m thinking of cutting my wrists

I’m stressing today – I’m not sure I can cope -

Who’s got the list of my lists?!

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