11 years old and new to my class,

Each one filled out the sheet:

Brothers & sisters? Cats & dogs?

What do you like to eat?

What’s your favourite subject?

What subject don’t you like?

Do you come to school by car or bus,

Do you walk or come on your bike?

And then a few descriptive bits

Designed to give me a clue;

Colour of eyes and approximate height

So I could figure who’s who.

Then long or short? Curly or straight?

(Descriptors for their hair)

Some wrote black or brown or medium

Some wrote blond or fair -

But Sam wrote “golden ginger

With a hint of defiant pride;

Her exultant crowning glory

Brushed petty taunts aside.

This freckled, sylph-like slip of a girl

Was not to jeers beholden:

She revelled in her orange-ness

And I always called her “Golden”


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