Have a break! – Have a Kit-Kat!Do the Shake ‘n’ vac

But don’t get too excited or you’ll have a heart attack

You need Vorsprung durch technik or a little Va-va-vroom

You need a tiger in your tank as you dance around the room

You need the appliance of science – You need some Cilit Bang!

You need your fingers in your ears when you meet the shouty man

A Mars a day can help you to work and rest and play

Or half a dozen meerkats might brighten up your day

The PG monkeys might just help – and Tony the Tiger too

The Honey Monster, the Milky Bar Kid or Schhh…you know who

Heineken refreshes the parts that other beers can’t reach

But Carlsberg’s probably the best in the world – Oh give us a pint of each

A million housewives every day pick up a tin of Heinz

They melt in your mouth and not in your hand – or have I confused those lines?

It’s good to talk – I’m lovin’ it – It helps avoid trouble and strife

If you’ve got a PAL you can talk to, it prolongs an active life

Ah Bisto, it’s delicious – just ask the Oxo mum

Especially bought at Asda-price (pat twice upon your bum)

Go to work on an egg, they said, and Clunk Click every trip

Though you could, of course, let the train take the strain and ignore the seat-belt tip

We buy any car dot com – I think that’s somewhat debatable

From what I’ve seen on the telly they only buy inflatables

I think I need a holiday – I’m off out now to book it

8 out of 10 cats that I asked said I should Thomas Cook it

I might ask Gary Vinegar to join me on my spree

I’ll tell him that I’m worth it – and the Milky Bars are on me!

Give us a break

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