early dawn we folksy-peepers skip and sprite along the lane
foggy-mist or fluffy-cloudy / spangle-bright or pissy-rain

spy the ratty swimmer-vole glisten brown by water’s edge
see the hodgepig spiny fellow scurry-much beneath the hedge
watch the nutty-squizzer scramble / barky-clinger branchy-dangle
trippy-skip and leafy-gambol where the two-legs never ramble

spy the feather-fluffy red-bib and the twitchy-bubble wren
hark the twissy blacky-flapper teasing out the sun again
flicky hedgy-hopper dunnock / cocky-starling strut and flounce
watch in awe the windy-hover flutter-swoop and swifty-pounce

hop’n’stop’n grassy-clicker leggy-bows a wing-y whimsey
wizzy-wazzy dragon-flicker hovers mauvey-green and flimsy
middle-morning dewy droplets quiver on the crawly’s vine
shiver-silver fine-suspended sparkle-fresh and spangle-shine

we the misty folksy-peepers / hasty two-legs never seen us
wingle-wangle wall of light exist betwixt and tween us
but we do spy their strangeling ways cased inside their speedy jeepers
and chuckle much in merriment / we the jolly folksy-peepers

rush’n’hurry city-slickers busy-much for woodland wander
counting steps and checking tickers rarely pause to muse or ponder
gruffy-barker frisky-yappers racing chasing like the clappers
bark-a-warning whipper-snappers / heedless still the flatty-cappers

backy-packers brisk and breezy with their sticks all tippy-tappy
come-alive and breathing easy / merry-maid ‘n’ happy-chappy
much-belove the airy freshing / pause awhile in leafy glades
revel in the greens and browns but misbespeak the tones and shades

warmly coated scarfy-wrapped stomp along in booty-troopers
pick among the gumpy-sludgers / skirt around the muddy-gloopers
we the playful folksy-peepers swish our rainy weather-sticks
taunting sunny-loving two-legs with our boozle-bamble tricks

spy them frighty-run for cover / see them sniff their shiver-snitches
scaredy-fraid of rainy-water / nearly burst my skinny-britches
bullied by their worky-keepers / governed by their timey-beepers
two legs merely walky-sleepers / never notice folksy-peepers


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