Every other Sunday we go to see me Nan
I chase Rusty round the garden in me Davy Crocket jumper
I’ve grown too big for the tinny blue trike

Wish I was big enough to ride a real bike
Or an ‘orse like me cousin says she’s got
Though I’m not sure I believe ‘er
She don’t even know how to “Hiyo Silver!”
And me other cousin’s bigger ‘n me
And I don’t know ‘is name
But it don’t really matter
‘Cos we just play “It”
And hide behind the bushes
And listen for the trains
And he says you can get through
An ‘ole in the fence
‘Ere by the corner
But I don’t wanna go
I’m not scared
I just don’t wanna go
(I might when I’m bigger)

And then it’s time for tea
Fish-paste samwidges
And jammy sponge slices
Cakes and pastries all ‘ome-made
“Pleases and thank-yous on parade”
And me Mum looks daggers
And she winces up ‘er eyes
So we won’t show ‘er up
But me Dad’s not worried
‘Cos they’re off down the pub
‘Im an’ me uncles
And me cousin says he goes
But he don’t

So me Nan plays pianner
And she’s got a big belly
And it flops on ‘er lap
And ‘er ‘airs all silver
And it’s all swept up
And ‘er fingers are stained
And it’s all with the ciggies
And she sits all upright
And she vamps across the keys
Songs from the clubs and the pubs and the ‘alls
And off them fangled gramophones
And us kids just sit and fidget
‘Cos we don’t know the words
But they’re going in me brain
Like a kind o’ magic
“Oz-Moses” says me Dad
Cos ‘e knows long words
And 'e would’a got real clever
If it wasn’t for the war
And I’m gonna get real clever an’ all
‘Cos I like to read the Dandy and the Beano and the Beezer
And me sister’s comics too
(when she’s cut out all the pictures)
The Judy and the Bunty
And the ones that’s got the film-stars
But they’re more expensive
And me Mum can’t afford ‘em
So we get ‘em off me cousin
Every other Sunday

And me Granddad sits in the corner and coughs
‘Cos ‘e’s got BB or summat
And it’s a shame ‘cos I like ‘im
But soon ‘e’s gonna die
And I think that’s why we visit
Every other Sunday

every other Sunday

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