Download telly

I’ve got this telly download thing

You can pick and choose what you fancy

A thriller – a drama – detectives perhaps

Or something a bit more romance-y

I chose an historical drama to start

But ended up dozing and snoring

I tried a political intrigue as well

But that was even more boring

I thought I’d try some horror films

(I was just a little bit wary)

I watched that “Chainsaw Massacre”

Wooooh – that was ever so scary!

I liked a film with Goldie Hawn

She’s funny and she’s bubbly

And I did like “Fools and Horses”

Now that was just “lovely jubbly”

I must have watched half a dozen of those

I was rolling around the room

The one where Del-boy falls through the bar

And the one with Trigger’s broom

I watched a couple of “chick-flicks”

But they were a bit too dreamy

I watched a couple of porno-films

But they were much too steamy!

This download stuff is all the rage

I’m glad I took a look

But I think I’ll settle in my comfy chair

With my cocoa and a jolly good book

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