After " Away with the Manger " was first published, it was quite gratifying to receive enthusiastic reports from up and down the UK (and indeed from around the globe) from those who had seen the sketch performed and had found it both challenging and enjoyable. However, it was remarkable how few of those who performed the sketch actually sought permission to use it or enquired about performing rights. Perhaps this is because procedures for obtaining authors' permission have in the past been long and complicated: or it may be that drama groups, fearing that performance fees will be more than they can afford, carelessly ignore the question. The following procedure is intended to simplify administration and allay financial apprehension.

John Fewings asserts the right to be recognised as the author of the sketches on this website.  All recording rights (whether on tape, videotape, radio, television, film or electronic media) are reserved. Enquiries should be directed to the author.  As a courtesy, I would appreciate being notified of any performance of the sketches on this website, giving an indication of the venue, location, occasion, audience, reaction, etc.

Thank you.

Amateur drama groups may perform any of the sketches on this website free of charge and without prior permission from the author on the condition that:
(a) No changes have been made to the script (other than minor alterations made for ease of performance and which do not in any way alter the message or the emphasis of the sketch.)

(b) Performance is not for financial gain.

Where it is anticipated that performance(s) will generate profit, permission should be sought from the author prior to performance.

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