A charm of finches, a gaggle of geese,
A litter of pigs, we all know;
A muster of peacocks, a shoal of fish.
Ah, but who says that it’s so?

So, with the aim of enhancing the language
And increasing your perspectives,
I’ve assembled together for future use
This cobble of collectives.

A chatter of mums, a giggle of girls,
A mutter of dads, a confusion of curls,
A choke of smokers, a bashful of boys
A groan of jokers, a floorful of toys.

A gurgle of babies, a wail of nippers,
A murmur of nuns, an eyeful of strippers,
A whatever of teens, a busy of cops,
A tutting of middle-aged ladies in shops.

A prance of gays, a powder of judges,
An autumn of leaves, a chirrup of budgies,
A chase of dogs, an explosion of sparks,
An arrogance of cats, a compliance of clerks.

A moaning of dieters, a slouch of hoodies,
A snoop of wardens, a snitch of goodies,
A complaint of the elderly, a scurry of mice,
An absence of waiters, a headful of lice.

A tumble of gymnasts, a rustle of dancers,
A panic of cooks, a swotful of answers,
A pinhead of angels, a slur of drinkers,
A fraud of MPs, a ponder of thinkers.

A spring of bulbs, a fountain of flowers,
A passing of minutes, a drag of hours,
A tedium of anglers, a splash of puddles,
A swelter of blankets, a comfort of cuddles.

A barcode of zebras, a stand of flamingos,
A playful of puppies, a chorus of “Bingos!”
A fluffy of cygnets, a ballet of swans,
A prickle of hedgehogs, a study of dons.

This is some challenge, for sure, and I know it’s
Enough to keep busy a whole rhyme of poets.
So many collectives - but I’ll not be vexed;
I’m going to start working on similes next!

Cobbled together

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