I’ve got a little check-list -
I keep it by the door.
My memory’s not as good as it was
And I’ve been caught out before.

I check I’ve got my door-key:
(It’s in my top left pocket.)
It’s just as well to check before
You close the door to lock it.

I check I’ve got a handkerchief -
and one that’s nice and clean,
Not a manky, snotty one:
That would be quite obscene.

I check I’ve got my “bag for life” -
I’m not paying 5p again!
And I can use it as a makeshift hat
If it should start to rain.

I check I’ve got my dog-lead
And a ball to throw and play,
Though I’m not sure why I take them -
Not since Bertie passed away.

I check I’ve got my debit card
To avoid having heart attack -
Rushing around in Morrisons’ aisles
Putting all my shopping back.

When you reach a certain age
Remembering stuff gets hard
Though I won’t forget my PIN number -
I’ve written it on my card.

I’ve checked my list and I’ve got all I need;
This trip’s gonna be a success.
I’ve even got my little card
That shows my home address

But I can’t help think, as I scurry home
And past the neighbours’ houses,
It would have been a good idea
To wear a pair of trousers!

Better put it on my check-list

Where did I put my check-list?


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