Bullring bling

Pat had a penchant for jewellery

She loved gold and silver and bling

So we weren’t too surprised when her nipple she pierced

In the bog on a plane to Beijing

She’d had more than a few in the bar at Heathrow

Gin and it was her favourite tipple

So the tattoo she had of a bull on her breast

Has a ring through its nose on her nipple 

At a meeting of the Subtle Flame poetry group, participants were challenged to write a flash poem - in 10 minutes - using the following criteria:

The poem must be 8 lines long.

Line 1 must mention a metal.

Line 2 must mention a colour.

Line 3 must mention a body part.

Lines 4 & 5 must mention a journey from one place to another.

Line 6 is a “free line”.

Line 7 must mention an animal.

Line 8 must refer back to lines 1 or 2

… which gave rise to …

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