Colin G. A. Try 1917 –1996

To the memory of Eileen Mary Steele 1927 – 2002

In loving memory of Mary Morton 1930 – 2003

In memory of our parents
Don and Irene Fenton
Beverlonians always

J. M. T.

John? James? Jeremy? Jack?
Whoever you were, you’ll not be back.
Michael? Mark? Matthew? Martin?
What part did you play before your parting?
Thompson? Trinder? Taylor? Train?
What would you do if you lived again?

Jane? Jennifer? Janet? June?
Would you sing your life to a different tune?
Margaret? Millicent? Maureen? Mary?
Would you be more bold? Would you be more wary?
Turner? Tasker? Tranter? Trent?
Or would you, with life, be quite content?

Maybe that’s the benchmark?


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