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"Malcolm held firmly to the belief that there was a right way to do everything, from how you put milk away in the fridge to how you arranged your underwear and sock drawer. He was, in fact, a stickler for doing things properly . Where there was a law to be upheld, Malcolm upheld it. Where no law existed, Malcolm invented his own. Malcolm saw himself as a law-abiding citizen who believed that the bedrock of a civilised society was conformity. A regular, ordinary guy who liked to live a quiet, unnoticed life in the ordered serenity of the suburbs."
As the tightly-tangled plot threatens to unravel, this diversion into Spud’s slightly surreal world is peppered with Spud's personal anecdotes and take-it-or-leave-it opinion.  Enriched with a treasure trove of characters, this is a story that cannot fail to entertain.
And, of course, there’s that damned cat!

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Spud sees himself as an urban “avenging angel” – a self-appointed “righter of wrongs”.  Easily bored by the humdrum, he applies his creativity to the solution of other people’s problems with an enthusiasm un-tempered by rationality.  Finding himself simul-taneously engaged by the dark-brown-voiced Mr Big , the hoity-toity Miss Brunswick-Proudfoot, the lustful Mrs Bob and the cash-strapped Nephew , Spud is caught up in a web of circumstance that he negotiates with a keen disregard for the law.

A selection of original poems that will cause you to smile, chuckle, laugh out loud, reflect pensively or even shed the occasional tear. This is poetry with a glint in its eye for those who don't particularly like poetry - written by a rhymester whose wry observations and fanciful quick-wittedness will make you want to read more. Contains 38 original poems including "Poetry or prose", "It begins with J", "Hampered by poor hearing" and "The humble, Bumble crumble tumble". 
"John Fewings is a literary scamp. He'll begin in an everyday, humdrum place ... a restaurant, a nursery rhyme, a front room, and by the end of the poem he'll have the place glowing with energy like a Beryl Cook painting. His protagonists are fearless - they'll tackle anything John throws at them with gusto then bow out with a cheerful and totally unexpected killer rhyme that leaves you smirking. Here are his best and edgiest poems, beautifully presented by a tall, elegant and ridiculous animal, the giraffe." (From the introduction by Sue Lozynskyj.)
"Poetry with bits in" is more than just a collection of poetry.  It is a relaxed and entertaining ramble across a variegated landscape of musings and anecdotes, dotted with a rich variety of verse.  Along the way you will encounter a host of colourful characters, just a modicum of nostalgia, the occasional rant - and even a quiz!  Topics range from ad-breaks to zebras - from bicycles to wormholes - taking in nosy neighbours, sheds and unicorns along the way.  There is an updated "Romeo and Juliet" - and even a poem about daffodils! 

Imagine, then, his horror when voluble, party-loving Dean and his Barbie-doll wife move in to the neighbourhood. When legitimate avenues of complaint prove fruitless, Malcolm resolves to "do something" - engaging in a course of action that he undertakes with meticulous planning. However, when he enlists the help of Spud to avenge his affronted sensibilities, Malcolm's calmly logistical approach goes awry – with comically disastrous consequences.

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Paperback version available from the author (£6 plus £1 p&p)

CLICK the cover image to purchase e-book from Amazon 

Paperback version available from the author (£5 plus £1 p&p)

Paperback version available from the author (£6 plus £1 p&p)

Click on the cover image to purchase e-book from Amazon

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CLICK HERE to read extracts from the novel.
CLICK HERE to read extracts from the novel.
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