Where do you get your ideas from?

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I’m often asked where I get my ideas for poems. (I suspect that sometimes the questioner is subtly trying to ascertain whether I should be allowed out without supervision.) Often, my starting point is the theme suggested at the Subtle Flame poetry group, which meets monthly in Beverley. I usually treat this with a liberal dollop of mind-mapping until some twinkling gem catches my eye and sparks my imagination. This might generate a random selection of phrases, eager to be crafted into some semblance of order – or a smattering of lazily-languishing lines with no particular place to go. Whether these scattered smatterings end up as a poem is often determined by twin factors. Firstly: How does the poem start? (and does that start hint at sufficient promise?) Secondly: How does the poem end? Once I can see (or sense) the ‘punchline’, plotting a scenic route from start to finish is simply a matter of linguistic logistics. If, along the way, I can add a sprinkling of near-impossible rhymes, then I am a happy bunny.

"Poetry with bits in" is a relaxed and entertaining ramble across a variegated landscape of musings and anecdotes, dotted with a rich variety of verse.  Along the way you will encounter a host of colourful characters, just a modicum of nostalgia, the occasional rant - and even  a quiz!  Topics range from ad-breaks to zebras, via bicycles, nosy neighbours, sheds, unicorns and wormholes.

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