What a performance!

For many years I thought that I didn't really like poetry - until I realised that what I objected to was analysing poetry.  Too often, I suspect, many of us initially encounter poetry at school where, unfortunately, analysis predominates.  Whereas I agree that "poetry on the page" merits closer inspection - for me, it's the vibrancy of "performed poetry" that engages and entertains.  Consequently, most of my verses (though not all) are written with performance in mind - with voices, accents and characterisation all part of the package. 

So, as you browse the verses included here, if they don't quite "work" as you read them, you know what you need to do.  Don't just read them.  Be bold!  Adopt an accent (a kind of hybrid Yorkshire-Cockney usually works).  Inhabit the character (whether it's a grumpy old man or an eccentric aunt, a dour Scot or a "whatever" yoof) and PERFORM!  Go on - you know you want to.

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